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To Erik: 12/28/97 8:25pm
Its all "for real"
or is it just a dream.
where things aren't quite
what they seem.
Questions flow through my mind
like a stream.
I just want to know...
where do i belong in
this dream? ~ Mari
En el jardín de tu corazón no plantes sino la rosa del amor -Baha'u'llah
I'll be your dream
I'll be your wish
I'll be your fantasy
I'll be your hope
I'll be your love, be every
thing that you
need. I'll love
you more with
ever breath
-Savage Garden
In the garden of thy heart plant naught but the rose of love -Baha'u'llah
It's like a Navajo and a white man trying to climb a ladder -Alex Sandoval
Run your hands through your fingers- Marilyn Monroe (Walters)
Good things always come out of bad things-Marilyn Walters
There's two of them? -Simoné Santana
You just don't go there -Shy
Did someone say burritos? - kris
Rowdy! - Eron
There's a lot of bullshit in this world and most of it is right here in Tsaie - Sué
I should just Fuck it, huh?-Kris
Don't fuck it, make love to it-Sué
Girls think there's a diffrence-Erik
I'll show you the diffrence-Marilyn
Don't think and worry about the things you lost, when you can treasure the things you have. -Sué
It was like wow! - Marilyn
You're so sweet you must taste like sugar - Wallflowers
For Shi'áá' only:
You shared me your dream of how we don't know our place now tell me your heart as shitsoo' touches your face I can't give you an answer that i can't give myself is it all for real? we'll see on the 12th -Erik
As the world turns
I spread like germs
self pathetic
the hard headed never learns
Ole dirty Bastard
Method Man
Masta Killa
Ghost Face
Hello the weather
Ahh, my bangs -Kris
Men are... Petrified dog turd.
-Kieth Hunter
Don't put your tonge where it does not belong -Petrified dog turd
Don't be rar be meow- Meisha
huh???- Wydi World
Fuck that shit!-Carie
You just don't eat a woman's peaches -Simon
Kris you're ruining my nails- Erik
Let's go eat our pimps -Marilyn
Oh, baby -Rob
never today, rather than tommorrow! -Tracy Bonham
Chris w/ the hair don't laydown you are going to throw up! -Simoné-
Shit Starter- Joe Hijoe
Sit on my Interface -Chris-
Happy Happy Joy Joy - MariSue
PeachyKeen - MariSue
I look like shit the dogs won't even eat!!- funnybunny
I was taking a shit when i realized...~White Ligntning
-Whore-bitch- ~Chris w/ the hair
Snip, Snip ~Dana from Step by Step
popcorn and shit ~ bradly.........r.i.p.
Weekend Warriors
Wrestling Teams:
#2 Tag-Team-
MissingLink (Erik Simpson)
Rez Rocket (Kris Houser)
#1 Tag Team-
White Lightning (Simoné Gomez)
Mighty Mari (Marilyn Walters)
"I'm small, bitchy, and hairy"
Erik Simpson
You can't have Mari with out Sue ~ Mari
Your passing them out all wrong. Your suppose to pass out clockwise
I don't know about you, but i fall strait down- Erik
Just like the fire easy to start~ Dead Man
My own brother a god damn shit sucking vampire - The Lost Boys
Suck it really hard till it hurts~Missing Link
CoolBeans- Sal
H * E * Double Hockey Sticks! ~ Sue
suck it
\ /
moe moe - newland from tsaile
Johnny Boy ~ Sunkist
Little things amuse little minds
~ Wallflowers


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