Say What?


Fresno | College | Tennessee-Georgia

Sucks to be you ~ Winnie says to Andrew
Big Bill, Little Bill ~ Winnie
Simoné(See mo nay) ~ Winnie singing to Say My Name By Destiny Child
I guess you would already know that considering you lease one and all ~ Finding Forrester
On the first draft you write with your heart ~ Finding Forrester
Can i say Southern Trash ~ Sunkist to Sandra sporting her Lynard Skynard shirt
SEminem ~ SkinThumper(Scott)
Why are we throwing darts in the dark? - Brodie
It may be used, but it is still a Honda. Commercial
That is so random! ~ Marabeth
We must be genetically connected. ~Mother speaking to son.
WTF? ~ Laura Elizabeth
Thumbs Down! ~ Caron
That Sounds Awful... ~ Snoopy


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